H. A. K. A. S.

Remember when it came that time in school to sign yearbooks? I was that one weirdo to sign “H.A.K.A.S <3 Alyssa” meaning HAVE A KICK ASS SUMMA. Now we're in #allsumma16 and there's a lot goin' on down in Providence and Newport this weekend.

I’m getting ready to head to Rock the Block later this afternoon (www.rocktheblock2016.com) at Pierce Memorial Stadium for a 2 day beer, wine and food fest including one of my favorite trucks serving these crazy french fry concoctions, Frisky Fries. And if you like Fuel, Trapt or 12 Stones (bands from the early 00’s) then they are there too! See more about this event check out my article at, http://motifri.com/rockblock2016/

Newport is lit too! The Folk Fest is heatin up on it’s second day and ends tomorrow. Check the schedule here: http://www.newportfolk.org/info. I am visiting Malt on Broadway on my way to the fest to try some fine food and beer pairings. Will share that review soon!

So stay cool, and follow me @helloalyssac on twitter.

Hashtag #allsumma16 your weekend, and share your adventures.