Watch This - Treehouse Build Time-lapse

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As far back as I can remember, I've enjoyed spending time climbing to the tops of trees, sitting in the branches 20+ feet above the ground & surveying my current landscape from a birds eye perspective. Although I no longer 'indulge' in tree climbing, I've always been inspired & captivated by upscale tree houses & other forms of DIY style, small, different, & eco friendly homes.


Part 3/3 (I'd suggest watching part 1 & part 2 first) of a series of videos that feel more like a short movie than music videos, introduce the basis of the 'Blank Face LP', the latest project by ScHoolboy Q of T.D.E. Part 3 in particular has the ability to stand alone though; as the conclusion to the series, it touches base on the outcome of ones decisions & "what could have been" with powerful visuals to match the already powerful music.


Anotha One... The Blank Face LP from Q will definitely be noted as one of the bigger rap albums of the year.


Probably not "Office Appropriate".


You might need to put subtitles on for this one...

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