Order Online, Pickup In-Person

Something that has been inquired about for a while has been "In-Person order pickups", because a SOSICO. storefront does not exist (yet...we hope). This is something that we have always urged local customers to contact us in regards to, to save themselves shipping fees that can range anywhere from $6.80 to almost $20 (USPS Flat Rate prices), and to save us a trip to the post office - amongst other things. See our FAQ page.

We have finally integrated into the website an "In-Person order pickup" option to accommodate our Rhode Island customers. See below:


This option will require a small fee (to cover online payment processing & sorting / storing), but is very minimal next to what shipping costs can range to. In the age of technology, this backwards approach goes back the roots of SOSICO., and putting people and values above corporations and money.

The more you know:

  • If you choose this option at checkout, we WILL NOT be shipping your order out to the address provided. That form is there to collect that information to verify your billing information, etc. Do not ask us to "just ship it out anyways, please" - you did not pay for shipping. This is a means to provide and extend our services to you as a customer, not a loophole, don't abuse it.
  • Once the order has been received on our end, we will send you an email regarding a time and location to pick your order up at. This will take anywhere from 1-2 days depending on the time the order is placed.
  • If you wish to pick up an order and pay in cash, please contact us and we will arrange a time and location to meet up. Order inquires for cash pick ups will not be held. Purchasing online is the only way to confirm that an item is yours. We are not responsible if an item / size sells out before a cash pick up is made.
  • Pick up orders will not be boxed or packaged in shipping materials. They will be placed in a shopping bag.
  • Every order receives free stickers, pick up orders are no exception.

Please read the bulleted notes above, these are the terms and conditions of the new order pick up option. If you have any other questions, comments and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@somethingsimpleco.com.