Celebrating the Life & Music of Mac Miller

On Friday, September 7th, the world lost the bright & talented mind of Mac Miller, a rapper from Pittsburgh who in just 26 years on this earth, had managed to create a vast and eclectic discography of work, as well as inspire millions.

On Friday, September 7th, we didn’t feel like a celebrity or an artist had passed away - so many of us felt like we lost a friend. For many of us, this was a first, that the death of someone we had never personally met effected us so much.

It may have been that for many of us millennials, we grew up on Mac Millers music and aged and matured with him from the up-tune stoner anthems on the high school breakout “K.I.D.S” to his final, and most mature body of work, “Swimming”. It could have been how open and willing he was in his music, or just his overall bright personality in front of the camera and at shows. Mac Miller wrote the monologue to many of our lives without any of us knowing it.

In accordance with 2400 Kelvins, join us at the SOSICO. Flagship on Friday 9/14 from 7pm - 9pm as we gather to celebrate the life, music and impact of Mac Miller, as well as recognize the lives lost to suicide, loss survivors, and those struggling with mental illness.

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