The Raw Thoughts Tour [EAST COAST]

From Florida to Maine.

We departed for the Raw Thoughts Tour from Rhode Island, linked up with the van in CT and then enjoyed a 16 hour van ride through the night to Atlanta to kick off the tour. From there we hit 3 dates in Florida before making our way back up the East Coast and eventually concluding in Portland, Maine (with $15 gourmet lobster rolls).

A big thanks to Chris Webby, Anoyd, Rook, and their team.

An even bigger thanks to Brodie Fresh for having Devlin and myself along for the tour, and as well as the whole Popular Stranger FAMILY - A, Jaz, Ace, Moe, Jimmy, T-Time, Chef DJ Keemy, Devlin, Bubba, Marine, Jay Holz, and Pat aka Mr. Transporter.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was an experience I hope to never forget.

7/15 - Atlanta, GA

7/16 - Orlando, FL

7/17 - Tampa, FL

7/18 - Gainesville, FL

7/20 - Durham, NC

7/21 - Baltimore, MD

7/22 - Lancaster, PA

7/23 - New York, NY

7/24 - Pittsburgh, PA

7/25 - Easton, PA

7/26 - Syracuse, NY

7/28 - Poughkeepsie, NY

7/29 - Boston, MA

7/30 - Burlington, VA

7/31 - Albany, NY

8/2 - Portland, ME