Recap of a Resolution


My resolution going into 2018 was to use my camera. Compiled below is a tangible recap of my resolution; my favorite photo from each month and the story behind it.

TWISTED -  January 28


I started 2018 off with becoming an elected member of the National Association of Secondary School Principals Student Leadership Advisory Committee. I had the privilege of traveling to Washington DC for the first of many times that year. Amidst all the work, we were treated to an extensive tour of the United States Capital Building.

The photographed staircase leads to the Senate Chamber, which I accessed via an underground tunnel.

ERIC  -  February 6

Eric 5.jpg

I took advantage of the unusually warm weather Rhode Island experienced in February and decided to link with Eric to keep up with my resolution. I wanted an aesthetic similar to Beavertail in Jamestown, which I ultimately accomplished at Foster Field in Coventry. Eric quickly became my “go to” model for when I wanted to shoot and Foster Field became the “go to” spot when I couldn’t think of anywhere else to go.

ANDREAS  -  March 25


In the middle of a frigid Sunday in March, Andreas and I found ourselves at an abandoned school in West Warwick. With the sun buried behind the clouds, the lighting outside was nothing but perfect. The mixture of the rotting school and the prime lighting made this the most memorable shoot of the year

SMERKAR  -  April 30


It was finally nice enough to start hitting the park again in April. Pictured is Smerkar taking a break in his legendary Envoy.

HOLY WORM  -  May 27

Holy Worm.jpg

“Yung Worm” made her First Communion late May. It only felt right to grab a picture of my lil homie all dolled up. Don’t let the picture fool you though, she’s still the most savage little kid you’ll ever meet.


Class Day 10.jpg
Class Day 9.jpg
Class Day 1.jpg
Class Day 4.jpg

Class Day, a right of passage at Coventry High School. Just before the senior class ships off to gradation they come together to offer advice and memories to the junior class. At the conclusion of the ceremony the juniors officially become seniors.

The seniors pictured are all individuals who I’ve looked up to during high school. Shout out to Chopy, Hector, Kevin, BB, and Nick.

DOG DAZE  -  July 2


Despite being from Rhode Island, I’m not the biggest fan of the beach. The one time I forced myself to go was worth it when I grabbed this quick flick of Casey, Nick, and Andreas right before sundown. Shortly after this photo was taken, Andreas went swimming fully clothed..



Andreas is one of those people who lives life to the fullest. However his “don’t give a fuck” attitude is reflected pretty vividly in his driving. After hydroplaning into a tree and totaling his Forester, It only seemed right that he would buy a BMW. Andreas is the reason why BMW drivers have a bad reputation..

All jokes aside this photo of Dre’s BMW next to my car is one my favorite photos from 2018. We had just cleaned our cars like they had never been cleaned before and made it to Goddard Park just after the sun set.

I DON’T GIVE A RUCKUS  -  September 23


I’ve always joked about starting an outlaw moped gang. I never thought anyone took me seriously until Paul bought a stretched Honda Ruckus. The picture does no justice as to how insane this looks driving down the street. Come summer 2019, I might have to get my own.

ART FEST  -  October 9


There’s very few things as breathtaking as autumn in New England. Once summer was over I went a while without taking photos as school started to kick my ass. Once the leaves changed colors I eventually found my way back behind the lens.

This photo happened by accident. I was walking through the Scituate Art Festival and saw some friends struggling to get a picture. I got the shot and ultimately got back to taking photos. It was after I shot this photo, I learned how to straighten images in photoshop. I decided to leave everything crooked until this point because it reflects my progress throughout the year.

WR(SE)X  -  November 10


Halloween had just come to an end but Nick’s car was still decorated. Combining the colors of autumn with the spirit of Halloween we met at Foster Field. As a side note, I have a soft spot for the bug eye WRX. There’s just something about these cars I can’t get enough of.



December is all about family. I grabbed a quick flick of my Uncle Aiden (who happens to be younger than me) right after we watched my cousin destroy his RC car driving it into a rock. Nothing says Christmas time like dysfunctional family functions.

And that’s a wrap! There’s plenty I didn’t capture and plenty of experiences where I chose to leave the camera behind this year. Most of these photos I shot within 20 minutes of my house. The moral of the story is to just live. For the first time I actually followed through with a resolution. I debated whether or not I wanted to make this blog post. The stories are dry and the photos are mediocre at best but I hope this serves at some sort of motivation to follow through with your own resolutions.

I hope 2019 is everything you need it to be.

- Devlin