What is UNTLD?

Untld. 1.jpg

On the surface, UNTLD. is a two piece music group in which lifelong friends Matt Lavigne and Vincent Lancellotta plunge their hearts and souls into. UNTLD. remains to be undefined. There is no genre, no reservations, and no limitation as to what UNTLD. can be. Recently I had the chance to sit down with Matt and Vincent to canvass everything covered by the UNTLD. entity.

One major challenge Matt outlined is the responsibilities of an entire band falling on the shoulders of two people. Matt described his role in the band as being the percussionist, pianist, guitarist, producer, and recorder; basically “just one bad motherfucker”.

Every time someone listens to our songs they’re able to hear us open up a personal part of ourselves.

While Matt handles the instrumentals, Vincent masterminds lyrics and vocals. When asked what inspires their songs both Matt and Vincent agreed that sadness is a key motive. Many of Vincent’s lyrics come from societal interactions and are meant to be, “influential” rather than conform to a genre. Vincent compares creating lyrics to, “creating your cries”. Matt built upon the idea of crying and elucidated on how sadness and depression help forge the sounds of self expression. “Every time someone listens to our songs they’re able to hear us open up a personal part of ourselves”.


The lyrics, music, and even the name UNTLD. itself has a calculated meaning. Matt created the name UNTLD. off the cuff and intended on both a literal and a metaphorical interpretation. Vincent remarked that “UNTLD. gives us the freedom to be anything... Anything we want”. The name allows for complete creative freedom, a freedom that will soon become apparent in their next song. In the meantime give their recently released song “Pinks and Blues” a listen. If you wish to further support UNTLD. you can pick up stickers in store and on the SOSICO. website.