SOSICO. Forever & Always. Clothing, apparel, and lifestyle accessories.

About Us

SOSICO. is an independent Rhode Island-based lifestyle brand rooted within streetwear & skateboarding culture. Defined by the ever long creative problem of simplifying the complexity of bold statements - while still preserving their power and message. Located between the major cities of Boston & New York, we draw inspiration from the streets to the beach, & the rural communities that surround them.


Never forget the people that touch your life and leave a mark. Matthew Colwell’s impact goes far beyond co-founding the brand—we instill his life and presence in every piece we create.

Forever & Always

Our Vision

We aim to create a platform - or bridge for individuals from the fashion, arts, photography, music, and extreme sports communities to come together under one roof. We believe in unity and strive to invest in ourselves and others - especially the youth. 

Catered to the individual. Never the majority. 
Free- and forward-thinking individuals, this select group values the “quality above quantity” approach along with the small, simple details of well thought out aesthetic and design of premium crafted goods. 

At SOSICO, we never compromise the authenticity of the communities we represent. We make our high-quality clothing to accompany riders, players, and artists. Our clothes are not for the passive. We create each piece to accommodate the active lifestyle of our community—never worry about sacrificing quality for looks. 



SOSICO. is a "double" acronym for "Something Simple Co." or "Something Simple Company". (Ex: SOmething SImple COmpany.) 

Matthew and Zack’s vision to simplify complexity is the driving force behind SOSICO. We design each product to represent our community. Our products make sure that everyone knows we are in, of, and for the community, no matter what trends come and go. Discover SOSICO. Forever & Always. Clothing, apparel, and lifestyle accessories. 

Founded in 2012 by Zack Deus and Matthew Colwell.