SOSICO. Flagship Grand Closing - West Warwick RI


This May - right around the 2 year mark of obtaining the keys to our first flagship / brick and mortar shop, we will inevitably (and sadly) be closing it. It is the end of an era and the closing of one of our greatest chapters. We have no regrets. In two years at 751 Main Street, West Warwick RI we will have hosted 3 art galleries showcasing roughly 30+ different artists work, a multitude of concerts where over 50+ artists and bands have performed within our walls, and helped to curate a number of private events for our friends and customers. Aside from the statistics, we cannot begin to count the memories we have made here as a brand and as a team - it’s been infinite. With that, we humbly invite everyone to come out and help us bring it to a close as we end store operations here and announce a new location where they will continue. As these doors close, we are proud to announce that new ones are opening. Find out exclusively Saturday, May 18th.