California Dreamin'


Southern California has something to offer for everyone. From famous beaches, to the barren desert in just a short drive. Spending the morning on a sunny beach and the afternoon on a snowy mountain is quite the trip for a born and raised New Englander. Although our trip was only a short 5 days, we made it a priority to see as much as we could. There were really no regrets with our early mornings and fast paced "vacationing". 

Torrey Pines

Located in La Jolla California, this natural reserve is a hit hiking spot with ocean views, unique geology, and rare pines. Although it is heavily trafficked around sunset it is an unbeatable location.

Pacific Beach

This relaxed beachside neighborhood is most popular with surfers and sunbathers. Burrito shops, boutiques and dive bars takeover most of this area attracting a younger crowd. Although I am sure all most anyone can have a little fun in the sun.

Joshua Tree National Park

Located about two and a half hours inland this protected park is 790,636 acres, an area slightly bigger than my home state of Rhode Island. The desolate landscapes make you feel like you're in a post apocalyptic world, or even on Mars. In this case the end of the world scenery is empowering and mystical. 



A lovely place to adventure and a lovely person to adventure with.


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