Love Burns - Orion Veader for SOSICO.


The "Love Burns Tee" is an exclusive collaboration project by SOSICO. x Orion Veader of The Met High School, Providence, RI. Limited to 50 tees total.

Final Product


Under the mentoring of Zack Deus, Orion began from the very basics - sketching ideas and conceptualizing his concept for a tee shirt design. After developing and finally settling on a direction, we went right to executing the graphic from scratch. We purchased a real rose and an old zippo lighter, and went right to the photography studio. Using the sketches for reference, we arranged the props in their relative positions and photographed them individually. The photos were then edited and cleaned up in post, and then cropped and composited into a Photoshop document. From there, effects were applied and typographic treatments made to bring the graphic to life.

Following the design process, Orion was able to actually hand screen print most of the shirts and learn about the process behind screen printing and garment decoration. During this time he also learned about the backend of creating product mock ups, populating an E-Commerce website, and marketing through creating his own flyer and planning his in-store pop up release.

Following the release of his collaboration, almost all of the shirts sold out within the first two weeks and shipped to various states such as New York, New Jersey, California + more.

**Updated 9/10/18